The only road crossing the island links St Benoit up with Le Tampon. It goes over the two ‘plaines’, villages called Plaine des Palmistes and Plaine des Cafres.

Plaine des Palmistes

This name refers not only to the Commune but also to the high plateau on which it is situated.


What to see and do:

  • walk to the Biberon waterfall
  • visit the Domaine des Tourelles
  • the Bebourg-Belouve forest and the numerous flower-lined footpaths (Bassin des Hirondelles..)
  • concert hall and exhibition centre

Plaine des Cafres

It is situated on a high plateau and administratively part of the Commune of Le Tampon. From here you can access the road leading to the volcano, passing through the village of Bourg Murat on the way.


What to see and do:

  • Grand Bassin
  • the Maison du Volcan
  • the botanical footpath of Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix