A beautiful country
Marechal Leclerc  -  Saint-Denis

Discover Reunion Island's rich historical heritage in Saint-Denis

Governor Régnault moved the administrative centre of Saint-Paul to Saint-Denis, in order to be closer to the fertile lands of Sainte-Marie and Sainte-Suzanne. Discover a large part of Reunion Island's rich historical heritage in Saint-Denis. Stroll through the streets of the island's administrative and financial capital. Discover its numerous boutiques, markets, its charming architecture and restaurants, where Reunion Island cuisine takes centre stage and the star of the show is its blend of cultures. Take in the sea air with a stroll along the Barachois.

Sainte-Marie, the gateway to our department with its international airport, which jealously watches over the untouched Bois de Couleurs des Hauts forest. "Par Mer, par Terre, par Air, Sainte-Marie fleurira" [By Sea, by Land, by Air, Sainte-Marie will bloom], as the saying goes for this town, in keeping with its true identity. Come and discover its marina and experience the tranquility of the Bois de Couleur des Hauts forest on the Piton Fougères.

Sainte-Suzanne is the oldest inhabited town on the island. Its history is palpable through its lighthouse, which is the only one on the island and its Vanilleraie [vanilla plantation]. The change of scene is complete with a visit to the former sugar plantation and the view of sugarcane fields as far as the eye can see. Need to cool down? Immerse yourself in its waterfalls and enjoy a family picnic on the banks of the Bocage.

On you own, or among friends or family, come and enjoy extraordinary experiences in this unique setting and discover its treasures.
There's nothing quite like an immersion in Reunion Island culture through one of our guided tours on foot, by bike or by air, to be seduced by the rich local history. Discover the Reunion Island traditions thanks to our workshops, immerse yourself in the midst of its magnificent countryside and enjoyspending a morning or a whole day there.

The entire North Island Intercommunal Tourist Office will be delighted to welcome you and help you plan your stay.