Extraordinary sensations in a breath-taking natural setting

Canyoning: dozens of rivers and ravines for thrill seekers !

Classified by Unesco as a World Heritage Site for its peaks, cirques and slopes, Réunion certainly deserves this title, as Nature’s exceptional beauty seems to have reigned on the island since its creation! However, this is no paradise lost: the environment is protected and all activities are carried out in respect of their surroundings. Among the high-adrenaline sports, canyoning has found a place to flourish in Réunion. More than 100 incredibly diverse sites, dizzying waterfalls, slides, zip lines and one legendary site named “Fleurs Jaunes” should all be tested! From beginners to hardened connoisseurs, everyone can enjoy themselves with the guidance of safety-conscious professionals.

Fleurs Jaunes

Discovery” canyoning is also available at the world famous sites of “Fleurs Jaunes” and “Gobert” (with cliffs reaching some 100 metres!) thanks to the "mini Fleurs" and "mini Gobert" routes. Here you can learn the basics for abseiling, the right moves to make for the slides, the perfect position for jumping into the lakes.

Adrenaline guaranteed

Amateurs with a little more “bottle” and accomplished sporting types in search of vertical, fractured and narrow canyoning will naturally visit the Fleurs Jaunes, Gobert, and Bras Rouge (Cilaos), which is at the centre of the ancient crater of the Piton des Neiges. At Trou Blanc (Salazie), canyoners will find almost a dozen of natural slides (the best place for it on the island), and seven abseiling lines through humid air in the rainy season (after all, the legendary 100-metre Voile de la Mariée waterfall, with its gruesome myths, is close by!). There is also Takamaka in the east of the island, with abseiling up to 150 metres and slides up to 10 metres. More hardened fans can take on an expedition with a portable shelter to the Trou de Fer! The trek takes place in the main forest of Bélouve. After walking for the first day in the dry, hikers will face the three “fragmented canyons”, the last of which is the Trou de Fer (with a technical descent requiring grapnels). After sheltering, everyone must wear protective suits for the descent through the corridor of the Bras de Fer (a narrow, 3km canyon), with no turning back before reaching the Bras de Caverne island. Adrenaline guaranteed, and qualified guides must be present !