Land of intensity

Réunion, an island of adventures

Looking for intense sensations? Réunion is waiting for you

With its ancient volcanos offering lunar landscapes and dream-like lagoons, Réunion provides a breath-taking playground combining the elements of water, earth and air. The island is a holy grail for hikers, mountain bikers, climbers and golfers, who all come looking for unbridled sensations and emotions

Legendary hiking

Welcome to Réunion; an island where the air is pure, and spectacular natural scenery is everywhere. With over 1,000 kilometres of paths running through mountains, jungle and open spaces, both amateurs and pros will feel at home. The island will take you as close to Mother Earth as possible, where journeys are made on foot, on horseback and even by bike.
A mountain biker’s paradise, the island has dozens of trails winding through sumptuous scenery, offering moments of freedom, intense sensations, and unforgettable descents from the mountaintops to the seashore.

Summits to be conquered

Réunion is a force of Nature, and offers a combined total of more than 6,000m of climbing. Some 20 breath-taking sites welcome all levels, numerous training routes ranging from 5m to 60m are available for training in comfort, and the more adventurous can try out walls reaching up to more than 300m! Thrilling experiences are waiting for you, including zip lines through the tropical forests.

4X4 escapades

Pick up your maps and road guides, because Réunion offers numerous routes to four-wheeled adventure. Expeditions in 4x4 vehicles will lead you through volcanic landscapes, dizzying mountains, waterfalls and unforgettable views. The best way to discover the true image of Réunion.

A love of golf

As well as sandy beaches and extraordinary hiking, Réunion also offers other natural areas. Come and discover three complementary, lanscaped and original golf courses: The ancestral Golf Club de Bourbon, in the dense Etang-Salé forest and just next to Crocparc with its famous crocodiles; the Golf Club du Colorado, sitting at 600m, and the Golf du Bassin Bleu, at the highest point of Saint-Gilles, nestled between ravines and eucalyptus forests.