By the sea

The island of Reunion, a tropical island in the lagoon feet and head in the stars

Treat yourself to a blue ocean escape

In Reunion Island, dive into the blue, it's a magical encounter with whales and dolphins, is to contemplate the sunset over the ocean, is to plunge into the bottle to see rich fauna and flora, it is safe swimming in the protected lagoon and snorkel in the Marine Nature Reserve of the Ermitage.

The four corners of the island, the coastline will give you surprising landscapes associated with contrasting reliefs of Reunion :

- To the North: the North shore will allow the leisure or sports activities with family
- Southward: few kilometers from the lagoon, a coastal equipped for picnics, and impressive "Blowers"
- To the East: the coastline of the windward coast is renowned for the beauty of extinct lava flows that extend to the sea
- West: twenty kilometers of lagoon and a Marine Nature Reserve