The coastline and beaches

The Island of Reunion offers its 22 km of exceptionally well-preserved lagoons

From white or volcanic sand beaches to turquoise lagoons.

Reunion Island offers some 22 km of exceptionally well-preserved lagoons, where anyone can enjoy themselves in total tranquillity: swimming, snorkelling, kayaking in a vessel with a transparent base, stand-up paddleboarding...  The sun from the Southern hemisphere invites you to relax on its warm, sandy beaches, in an exceptional setting for enjoying total relaxation time and whisking you off on daydreams that you will never forget. With their turquoise waters protected by a 30 km long coral reef, the lagoons of Reunion Island will ensure you can swim in total peace and tranquillity. The clear waters of Reunion Island's lagoon means that the visibility is great for discovering the shoals of multi-coloured fish, which you can enjoy close encounters with during an organised snorkelling trip.