Under the sun, the sea

Live out your passions in turquoise blue

Safety measures

Surrender to the pleasures of relaxing on the beach and in the lagoon

You can relax on warm sandy beaches, amid exceptional surroundings enjoying peace and tranquillity; those on the west coast have achieved the Pavillon Bleu standard.
The 22 km of translucent lagoons, protected by a coral belt, with their turquoise blue waters, exceptionally well preserved, mean you can swim in peace in managed areas and supervised zones defined by local bylaw.

A range of water-based activities, on and in the water, is on offer in total safety for active holidays. During a snorkelling outing in the Marine Nature Reserve, get your flippers, mask and snorkel for a guided tour of the underwater Ermitage trail – the riches of the underwater world will amaze you. Go sailing, try stand-up paddle, jet skiing, see-through kayaking, scuba-diving, deep-sea fishing offshore or a boat ride.

Bathing nets will soon be operational for a return to surf sports

The various programmes and measures implemented work together to reduce the shark risk on the west coast of Reunion:
  • Sharkwatch programme
  • a network of listening stations (detection and tracking of tagged sharks)
  • prevention and information action for users on board sea craft
  • underwater observation by look-outs watching the water channels
  • areas protected by intervention activities (nets, repellents, innovative technologies etc)
  • monitoring of bathing areas with lifeguards
(All these operational measures are inseparable from the principle of individual responsibility, and the need to respect the basic awareness measures required of everyone who goes out on the water).

On the beaches of Boucan Canot and Roches Noires, the safety nets installation work has been ongoing since 20 August. This means we can consider a broader opening of these sites for swimming and water activities before the end of 2015. In total, nearly 1,500 metres of nets will be put in place.
An arrangement on the same scale has also been started at Trois-Bassins, where managed fishing is already in effect. A protective net could be installed in 2016 with a re-opening of this iconic surfing site over the course of next year.
Targeted fishing has also been run in southern Reunion, in the communes of Etang-Salé and Saint-Pierre, which are looking at the possibility of managing their sites. In the east, the town of Saint-Benoît is considering deploying coastal safety measures in order to realise its potential.
Although, for now, the prefectural regulation remains unchanged, these various measures allow us to envisage a gradual managed return of surf sports on Reunion Island.