The festivities on 20 December in Reunion

or the commemoration of the abolition of slavery

A unique and ethnically mixed history

The population of Reunion Island is ethnically mixed, a unique Reunionese identity which is expressed by living together harmoniously. This is exemplary on an international scale. These Europeans, French, Malagasy, Portuguese, Africans, Arabs, Indians and Chinese have preserved their origins, their music, their cuisine, their traditions and their religions which remain, above all, the legacy of their ancestors.

The "20 December" or "Fèt Kaf" is a public holiday in Reunion to commemorate the abolition of slavery which took place on 20 December 1848. There are many festivities all over the island to mark this occasion. The people of Reunion Island get together to celebrate freedom and their identity with music all over the island (Saint-Pierre, Saint-Denis, Sainte-Suzanne, Saint-Paul, Saint-Leu, Saint-Joseph, Etang-Salé ...).

A rich programme of events is organized by associations and unites all generations: street events , colourful float parades, singing and traditional dances concerts / "kabars" , "moringue" demonstrations , conferences and debates, exhibitions , workshops and poetry about the history of slavery, the history of  Maloya, listed in Unesco’s Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2009, will be retraced and set the pace for this memorable day.