Cirque de Salazie

A lush green setting

Discover the kingdom of cascades

Accessible by a single road, the Cirque de Salazie, included in its entirety as a World Heritage site by Unesco, is dominated by the Voile de la Mariée or Bride’s Veil, one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island, and other unmissable vertiginous falls.
The rainfall that waters the region feeds multiple waterfalls that rush down the surrounding walls. At the centre of the imposing cirque rises the majestic Piton d’Anchaing (1,352m). Hell-Bourg, a true architectural gem, classed as one of the "most beautiful villages in overseas France", is the capital of Salazie. The village of Grand-îlet cultivates a rural way of living.
It owes its name to a slave who fled servitude by seeking refuge on this isolated promontory. A short detour down a few winding paths, an unexpected cultural heritage unfolds: Creole architecture, islets at the end of the world, a mosaic of landscapes. The cirque is historically one of the three main ports of entry into the Cirque de Mafate.

Access: Coming from Saint-Denis, take the Route Nationale towards Saint-André, then head for Rivière du Mât and the RD 48 towards Salazie. From Saint-André, it takes just 20 minutes along an enchanting road to access the village. The road passes through gorges covered with vegetation from which flow the most beautiful waterfalls. Take photo breaks along the way at places called "Pisse en l’air" (Piss in the air) and "Le Voile de la Mariée" (The Bride’s Veil).