Walking/pedestrian at Saint-Benoît
  • The ravenala or traveller's tree. Originally from Madagascar, the ravenala is an ornamental tree type plant with a fan of large leaves which can reach 10 to 30 metres in height when fully mature. However it is not a tree and its trunk is not wood, but made of old leaf fibres. It is commonly called the traveller's tree as the base of the leaves forms a cup capable of collecting up to 1.5 litres of rainwater that can be collected if required by piercing the base of the leaves. Nowadays this plant is grown in all tropical regions because of its unusual ornamental shape. As we can see in the Crater forest, ravenala trees thrive there and you can see extremely beautiful specimens.
  • Difference in height
    197.11 m
  • Route interest
    This is a lovely hike to do as a family with a picnic.
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