Roche Plate - Cayenne

Walking/pedestrian at La Possession
  • Many still remember the story of Angelo Thiburce that they’ve seen on TV. Angelo Thiburce was the Mafate postman from 1965 to 2001, when he retired, who would go to Mafate on Monday mornings and begin his delivery route via Cayenne, Grand Place and Grand Place les Hauts, then go back down to sleep at his aunt's house in Cayenne. Every Tuesday he left Cayenne to continue his round to Les Lataniers, then Les Orangers and finally, Roche Plate. At the end of the day, he took the ‘Postman’s’ path from Roche Plate back to Cayenne where he slept at his aunt's. On Wednesdays, it was the turn of Ilet à Bourse, Ilet à Malheur and Aurère, then on Thursdays, after delivering up at Grand Place les Hauts, he returned to the post office at La Possession. The 'Postman’s' path became impassable between Roche Plate and Ravine du Bronchard, and was then permanently closed by the ONF, which laid out a new path between the cemetery of Roche Plate and the ravine of Roche Plate. Thanks to funding from the Regional Council, work got underway and the new trail, called the 'Dacerle Trail', was opened in October 2008. From Roche Plate, it first takes the path from the cemetery of Roche Plate. The work carried out by the ONF then means you can reach Roche Plate ravine safely. The last part follows the old 'Postman’s path' between Roche Plate ravine and Cayenne via the ford of Roche Plate ravine and Roche Ancrée.
  • Difference in height
    472.02 m
  • Equipment
    Gourd, hiking shoes, raincoat, energy food, sunscreen, bandages, hat, detailed maps, camera, paracetamol.
  • Documentation
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