A peak with a view
Piton Maïdo - Ile de la Réunion

Situated at an altitude of 2,200 metres above sea level, the summit of Maïdo is one of the most spectacular views over the Mafate.

This natural site, which is easily accessible by car, is like a balcony looking out over Reunion Island. It offers a remarkable panorama over the Mafate cirque and the West Coast of the island, surrounded by magnificent beaches. The summit of Maïdo is therefore a must for being able to look out across the whole of Reunion Island in all its beauty.
Reunion Island, a mountainous island perched on the Indian Ocean, provides amateur photographers with fantastic views... Including those who are not really into walking! It is an opportunity that you can enjoy by climbing the summit of Maïdo. The site, from the top of Saint-Paul, offers a spectacular panoramic view over the Mafate cirque, which can be admired with its nature reserve. It houses islets - isolated hamlets and villages - where the inhabitants lead an almost self-sufficient existence. Because Mafate cirque is only accessible by foot, or in a helicopter, in urgent and exceptional cases! It is therefore a privilege to behold from the top of its ramparts.

A panoramic view over the west coast of Reunion Island

With its altitude of some 2,200 metres above sea level, the summit of Maïdo is very much the ideal lookout point. It also dominates the west coast of Reunion Island and its superb white sand beaches, which are often protected by the precious coral reef that surrounds the island. But be careful that the clouds don't prevent you from seeing all these marvels, it is better to visit Maïdo early in the morning...  The track, which is accessible to cars, passes through a beautiful forest of tamarind trees, which is a popular spot for picnickers.

Visit the summit of Maïdo by the hiking trails

For a more in-depth discovery of Reunion Island, this tourist excursion can be transformed into an unforgettable walk. Maïdo is the point of departure for numerous hikes to Mafate cirque. As well as to Grand Bénare, which is the third highest summit on the island with its altitude of 2,898 above sea level. Cycling enthusiasts can jump on their mountain bikes, giving into the exhilaration of speed by descending the designated trails from the summit of Maïdo to the coastal resort of Saint-Gilles. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

All these possibilities for outdoor activities, as well as easy access to its summit and the beauty of it lookout points make Maïdo the second most popular natural tourist site on Reunion Island, after Pas de Bellecombe, at the very top of Piton de la Fournaise, the famous volcano that is still active.