in 2016 find youself eclipsed on Reunion Island

The island of Reunion, best place to observe the annular eclipse

Experience a magic moment

An exceptional event in the sky over Reunion Island on 1 September 2016. The Sun will meet with the moon causing the South West of the island to go Dark between 12.20 pm and 3.43 pm. It will not be completely dark because this is not a total eclipse.

The moon will be full before the sun between 2.18 pm  and 2.10 pm in the South West of the island

To observe this extremely rare annular eclipse over Reunion Island, book your trip to Reunion Island as soon as possible and you will be in the best place in the whole World to observe it and in a safe environment.

Discover the specials " eclipses " of tour operators :

On the first of September 2016 : Promotional price : 60 € / pers. Limited places, special glasses eclipse provided. Price : 120 € /pers. Limited places
You will go to iconic sites and remarkable places such as the island's communes (Saint-Joseph, Saint-Louis, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Paul, Le Tampon, Trois-Bassins, L'Etang-Salé, Le Port) and why not be original and take to the sea, on a cruise boat.
For the occasion , many observers will be present at the meeting: professional and amateur astronomers, scientists, the media German, Belgian, Asian, Chinese leaders of opinion as well as tourists and locals from Reunion Island.

Solar Ring will be the most visible on the nature of the intense island:
the Etang du Gol in Saint-Louis will be installed where a village dedicated to this eclipse. The village offers an eclipse observation area with giant screens, tourist entertainment, a craft area and free shuttles to access it from the bus station in Saint-Louis. Enjoy this rare and spectacular event to visit Saint-Louis and surrounding forest of Makes, the islet Alcide and picnic area, astronomical observatory Makes ...
The Beach of the Etang Salé, is also ideal for this intense moment.
on the National Nature Reserve of Etang Saint-Paul. Located near the ocean on the west coast, the site houses the biodiversity treasures of the largest wetland Mascarene.
West tourist office offers appointments at Pointe des Trois-Bassins: the special kind Zarlor solar annular eclipse at € 15 per person. The price includes: the observation of the eclipse with special glasses, telescope filter ... conference to understand the eclipse with Sciences Meeting and lunch (reservations: Plateforme information and reservation Ile Reunion Tourisme) .
Not all of Reunion Island will see the solar ring. The orbital path will pass approximately 15km south west of our island. From the coast, from Pointe du Gouffre to the beaches of Saint-Pierre ,the ring will be almost regular; the further you go from this area, the ring will be more irregular.
The last total eclipse on Reunion Island was observed in 1901. This phenomenon will happen again in 2026 in Europe and in october 9, 2200 on Reunion Island. More informations here

View the interactive map below (carried out by the French amateur astronomer Xavier Jubier ), it provides a lot of information: the local circumstances of the eclipse in all places, the relative positions of the Sun and the Moon...
Safety tips: special glasses
Observers should be very careful while watching the solar eclipse. Never look at the sun with the naked eye. To view an eclipse safely you need to use sun glasses, telescopes and binoculars with special filters. The sun's ultraviolet rays and infrared light can be harmful to the eye.
Enjoy this thrilling trip for even longer!

Reunion Island, the tropical destination with infinite charm, with so many tourist attractions (natural and grandiose landscapes, authenticity, multicultural diversity, sporting and leisure activities), invites you to continue exploring and enjoying exceptional experiences.
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