Reunion, the O Games

Holidays that refresh and revitalise!

Plenty of activities for you

With 200 km of coastline, Reunion Island offers 30 km of beaches of golden or black sand with 22 km of unspoilt lagoons, totally safe with rich, colourful seabeds, truly transparent playgrounds of water that varies between 22 and 30°.
The turquoise lagoons invite you in to relax, swim or get involved in activities such as see-through kayaking, kite-surfing, stand-up paddle ... and all in total safety.
For those who want to learn more about the fauna and flora, an educational discovery experience in flippers, mask and snorkel with professionals from the Marine Nature Reserve is a must.
The Marine Nature Reserve of Reunion, extending over 40 km from the coasts of Cap La Houssaye to Étang Salé, protects a remarkable biodiversity of more than 3,500 species.
You can observe these riches for yourself out on the high seas ... without getting into the water by taking a glass-bottom boat. Dolphins, whales and turtles sometimes make an appearance...
Who doesn’t dream of being rocked by the trade winds as you admire the sunset
over the sea? Aboard a tall sailing ship, a catamaran cruise or a comfortable motorboat, enjoy the pleasure of sailing the seas around the island.
For the more energetic among you, diving in the ocean or a deep-sea fishing trip have some unforgettable experiences in store.

An assortment of waterfalls, rivers, swimming pools, all there to refresh your emotions.

Throughout the year, a cascade of activities await you in a multitude of natural pools. The east or the wild south are amazing playgrounds for white water lovers. Whether you’re a novice, amateur or extreme sports enthusiast, you'll find rope at your feet.
In waterfall gorges, in the heart of forests and cliffs, canyoning is catching on more every day, the sites are spectacular and can vary according to the season: climbing, abseiling, jumps, slides... When the relief becomes vertical, boats and river kayaking make an appearance. You can also embark on magical water tours, through majestic pools.
A range of craft are suitable for our rivers: kayaks, canoe rafts, rafts, hydrospeed.
Very friendly and fun, these activities, accessible to all, will leave you with amazing sensations.

The marriage of water and fire

The scenery is breathtaking, the adventure unusual and poetic: how did the volcano manage to conquer the water? Follow in the tracks of this century’s lava flow and discover the new face of the Piton de la Fournaise, 2007 version. The flow devastated everything in its path. The landscape, entirely reshaped, offers a unique environment: the flows reaching down to the ocean redrew the coastline.