The unmissable tour of Reunion Island

Something for everyone

On my road, the best of exotic diversity

After an 11-hour flight from Paris, you can savour the simple pleasures of life in Reunion. Your motor tour starts at Reunion’s Roland Garros Airport. You pass through Saint-Denis, the island’s capital, and its sea front. Heading for the western region, you’ll discover the Coastal Highway at the foot of volcanic cliffs, as it runs along the sea. Continue on to reach the Route des Tamarins "expressway" with its exceptional engineering structures, its viaducts, viewpoints and interchanges. You reach the Route des Plages, where there’s only one pressing need, and that’s to bask on the white sandy beach and take a relaxing swim in the turquoise lagoon, so perfectly unspoilt.
The Route de Cilaos is unique. Getting to this cirque, a Unesco World Heritage Site, means negotiating 400 bends. Cilaos, the starting point of several hikes, invites you to climb the highest peak on the island, the roof of the Indian Ocean: the Piton des Neiges (3,071m).

After a good night's sleep in a hotel in the cirque, set off for Route des Plaines to the south. Heading for the high plateaux and their pastures, here, the climate is temperate, fog appears very quickly, the landscape changes and takes you by surprise, and nature is generous and unique.

As in a dream, along your route rises up the volcano of Piton de la Fournaise, majestic, fascinating, breathtaking.
Back to Saint-Pierre, the capital of the south where you learn of the culture, heritage and history during guided tours.

The next stage of your stay, the Wild South, where the landscapes are a grandiose mix of arid and basaltic vegetation. The Route des Laves on which you travel fell prey to various lava flows, making its history unique. Rebuilt and reshaped, it offers a unique backdrop of tunnels, volcanic rocks stretching out of sight, and vegetation.

Head east, and down there the sun and rain have made this area the windward coast. Sugar cane fields, Bourbon vanilla, lychees, longanis, guava, fishing for bichiques, whitewater activities ... they all make up this region.

A detour into the heart of Reunion is a must. The island’s cirques are synonymous with relaxation and healing, and offer an exceptional setting for practising outdoor leisure activities:
  • Cilaos, a majestic location, with its gentle way of life and world-renowned specialities
  • Mafate, accessible only on foot or by helicopter, authentic island villages, a paradise for hikers,
  • Salazie, lush landscapes, clean air, springs and waterfalls, where the chouchou (or chayote fruit) is king.

Themed Roads

From volcanic desert to turquoise lagoon via the plains and cirques, you will discover the many facets of the themed routes around Reunion Island. All good things come to an end, and your return is near, so you bring home in your luggage unforgettable experiences, as Reunion is an island full of surprises.