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Réunion Métis
The Réunion des Talents endowment fund, headed by Pascal and Nathalie Thiaw-Kine, decided to focus mainly on the graphic and visual arts sector: exactly what Réunion Métis represents.
Réunion des Talents aims to bring together the world of business around the values found in Réunion Métis: sharing, transmission, innovation and a desire to progress. It wants to promote a positive image of Reunion through its culture and artistic talents.
Réunion des Talents has thus added a number of partner patrons, recognised players from the world of business and development in the region, to help Réunion Métis assert itself as a cultural and artistic crossroads.
The Reunion Tourism Federation is the Federation of Tourism Offices, one of whose missions is tourist communication to its customers. In association with all the players in the sector, the FRT was the ideal choice to lead on coordinating the event. Its support is a continuation of its actions, because it shares the same values and state of mind with the people of Reunion.
As part of its mission to promote Reunion to foreign markets, the Reunion Island Tourism Board supports this regional event, where travellers can immerse themselves in the values of living together and experience Reunion’s talents.
We understand the appetite of foreign tourists for urban artistic festivals.
So IRT is promoting Réunion Métis in its long-haul priority markets and supporting it with media coverage to capture customers in local markets as well.
Through these two approaches, the Reunion Region is also involved in this unifying project, at the crossroads of economic, tourist and cultural sectors. It’s perfectly natural that the regional community wanted to join this project where the values of solidarity, mixed cultures, fraternity and freedom form an integral part of this major event, which helps spread the influence of Reunion’s art and living together.
The State is supporting the deployment of this international artistic event in 2019
Saint-Paul town hall has helped with the logistics of its organisation since 2018.
Réunion Métis aims to gather in the same place at the same time different fields of expression and share them in an urban environment.