Light & Art installations

Lumière - Reunion Métis
The public is invited to take part in various artistic and light installations along the Réunion Métis route.
Porlwi and Sanjeeyann Paleatchy co-construction collective:  Illumination of the landing stage and beach
Jean-Claude Jolet: Salle verte 2.0
Esther Hoareau: The Hugging Tree
Tress’ali Jordan: The bird garden, a flight of 1000 birds
Yann Péron & Électrocaïne: Mapping
orchestrated by Sanjeeyann Paleatchy, is made up of a panel of thinkers and artists, creators who want to highlight Reunion’s contemporary talents.
Its mission is to design the event, give it its identity, its artistic direction, as well as being educational. Together, its members have built an event with a strong cultural offering in the various artistic centres involved.