Land of Eden

Grand étang

Early travellers saw the East Coast as a garden of Eden, an original, untainted land.

With its lush countryside and waterfalls,  travellers explore an enchanting region tumbling with flowing water.
As if taken from the pages of a tome on alchemy, the art of combining the purity of the elements, this Land of Eden combines the spellbinding and the mystical. Falling water mingles with scented smoke while the air pulses to the rhythm of ancient drums. Body and soul awaken to rediscover sensations once thought long-lost.
claver la cote est

At the root of the world

While in the Land of Light you can explore the present, the Land of Lava offers futuristic landscapes, and the Land of Eden takes you back to the first days after creation. In this earthly paradise, nature reigns and freedom is given its head. Experience the legend of Adam and Eve up close, and let the mystic atmosphere be your guide.
Revitalising and calming, the Land of Eden spreads out everywhere, like water. Waterfalls tumbling into the tranquil ponds  that dot this part of the Island have carved out incredible landscapes. Come admire the blue and green tones amidst the lush nature that makes the panoramas so magnificent, season after season. Dive into one of the region's many natural pools or enjoy a picnic on the banks of the river after trying a little rafting or kayaking at Coco. For the more athletic, there are water tours so you can explore the countryside from a different angle. The lush vegetation and thousand faces of the water that make up the East are unveiled to you in a unique manner.

Biodiversity: wealth of nature

Adventurers just have to move to the East side of the Island to see the countryside unfold. The deeper you plunge into these preserved and mysterious lands, the more omnipresent nature seems to become. The untamed Land of Eden appears as the perfect reflection of the biodiversity sheltered on Reunion Island. Favourable microclimates and varied natural habitats have made it easier for all the different indigenous species found all across the region. With its gardens and primary forests, the East side of Reunion Island is a panoply of emerald green.  Explore the lush vegetation on foot through the primary Bélouve Forest . It exemplifies the original and vibrant atmosphere of the Island. Don't miss the Trou de Fer (Iron Hole) waterfall, which can only be seen on foot or from the air.
While the density of the primary forests sculpting the East of Reunion Island is astonishing, the cultivated lands also harbour a surprising variety of crops: vanilla, guava, sugar cane and palm trees. A joyous plethora of scents and savours highlights the fertility and abundance of this part of the Ultimate Experience .
Exploring the Land of Eden also awakens the child in you! Let your curiosity have free reign and admire the palette of plants, flowers and birds that add vibrant colour to the country.

Multiculturalism: a wealth of humanity

In addition to its lush landscapes and biodiversity, the Land of Eden is also a symbol of tolerance. Flowers and spirits both open up to share their colours and beliefs. 
Travellers in search of spirituality will find a harmonious society in which each person's beliefs are respected and accepted. Multi-coloured Tamil temples sit next to churches, with faith that transcends differences, a blend of cultures and peoples that makes Reunion Island an example of how religions can live together in peace.
At Péi Originel (Original Land), nature and culture are one. The worship of the divine melts into the countryside and it is not uncommon to meet preachers by the roadside or while out hiking. Up for an intense experience? Set out to visit the different places of worship in the East and take part in a traditional ceremony or religious festival. It will plunge you into the mystic atmosphere of Reunion Island.