Land of Heritage

Canons Barachois

Beau Péi (Beautiful Land), the Land of Heritage opens the gates to Reunion Island for you.

Urban and cosmopolitan, it shows travellers two faces. There is the old colonial side, with superb white houses of refined bourgeois and Creole traditions. And the decidedly modern face of festive Reunion, artistic and intensely free. Borne by its intense nightlife, the North Coast crystallises all of the diversity of Reunion Island.
Clavé la cote Nord

The Island's urban atmosphere

Saint-Denis is a town unlike any other. The capital and beating heart of Reunion Island, it is also the first step in the Ultimate Experience . The timeless town has preserved its legendary charm without ever forgetting to renew and reinvent itself. Leave the airport, drop off your luggage and breathe in. Travellers feels fresh air sweep over them.
When you talk about a beating heart, you’re talking about rhythm! Immerse yourself in the capital's beat and take full advantage day and night of the rich and lively ambiance. At the heart of the Land of Heritage, foreign accents blend with the music from the bars, soon joined by children's laughter and the sound of crashing waves. There’s no time for boredom in Beau Péi! From shopping to cultural activates, such as theatre, museum visits and guided tours of the town, there are one thousand and one ways to enjoy the North side of Reunion Island.
Commerce has played an important role in the history of Saint-Denis, from the times of the Compagnie des Indes (the French East India Company) to the modern day. Typical markets and street sellers abound in the urban space and the lives of the Island's inhabitants. For something that is both different and familiar, stop by the rue de Paris during your stay. With its colonial architecture and numerous shops, it is one of the town's emblematic streets.

Night-time rhythms    

When the sun sets on the Indian Ocean, nightlife soon takes its place. For a taste of Reunion Island's festive atmosphere, try a side trip to the Cathedral district! A slew of bars and restaurants have grown up around the religious edifice and have brought dynamism back to the neighbourhood. Wild dance classes, unusual bars and theme nights are organised each week. Mingle with the locals to better appreciate the pulse and rhythm of the local music, and enjoy yourself until the wee hours! 
The Land of Heritage is also known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and cultural mix. Reunion Island is an intense melting pot. Indians, Africans, Chinese and Europeans have all learned to set aside their differences to work together to create a harmonious society in which each person's beliefs are respected and accepted. Tamil temples, mosques, churches and Chinese pagodas are shoulder to shoulder, proving that it is still possible for religions and cultures to live together in peace and harmony.

Capital of art and history           

While the North Coast is intensely anchored in the present, it also invites the traveller to explore its authentic past. Follow a guide or freely explore the streets of Saint-Denis to go back in time. The architectural remains of the colonial era will take you back to a bygone era, while the verandas and balconies of the capital's streets are sure to please architecture buffs. Interested in the life of yesteryear? Many of the buildings still have their original furnishings. The rattan and period works still lie on the verandas, as if to underline the omnipresence of the past in the Land of Heritage.
The history of the Beau Péi can also be seen in the artwork in the many different museums to be found in the streets of Saint-Denis. Some are not to be missed, such as the Artothèque, the Museum of Natural history and the Leon Dierx Museum.
The rhythm of the North also has a place for gentler spirits and for those in search of emotion. From the seafront, the Barachois district and the coastal footpath are ideal for appreciating the sound of the waves as it blends in with the sounds of city life. It is a kind of precious harmony between nature and culture that should be appreciated for its true worth. The end of the day is even more beautiful from the heights of the city, where you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of Saint-Denis to bring an intense day of exploration to a tranquil end.
Before leaving the Land of Heritage, set out to conquer the mountains overlooking Saint-Denis via the network of winding roads. From there you can contemplate the array of incredible countryside to be found in the North.