Land of Light

Coucher de Soleil plage des brisants

From sunrise to sunset, there is pleasure to be gained from a thousand and one activities on Reunion Island.

Follow the movement! Awaken your senses as soon as you rise in the Land of Eden, on the East side of the Island. For those light of heart, head West, to the superb beaches there. Treasures of the Land of Light, they offer travellers the warmth, lightness and carefree style of the bohemian lifestyle. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let the sound of the waves lull you. Relax in a laidback atmosphere and enjoy the present - such is the promise of Détente Péi. (the Land of Relaxation)
Clavé la côte ouest

Intensely relaxed

On Reunion Island, even idling is intense! Famous for its lagoons and beaches, with their golden sand, the Land of Light is the ideal place to recharge your batteries while sipping a fresh-fruit cocktail. In the distance children's laughter mixes with birdsong, while a light breeze caresses your skin. If you're looking for somewhere to let body and soul relax, you've found paradise. Make a list of all the things that you won't be doing today and treat yourself to a relaxing massage in the shade of an Australian pine. And you will be intensely relaxed. 
The frothy and bohemian spirit of the West can also be found in its markets. From Saint-Paul to Saint-Leu, each has its specialty! Chat with the locals and learn about their character at their stalls, with all the colours, tastes and spices. Find the perfect spot and savour tour treasures during an improvised picnic lunch next to the beach.

Intensely festive

When you talk about the West Coast, you're not just talking about being laid back but also about being cool and festive! When the sun dips below the horizon, the night life begins. Dance to the beat of local music with a magnificent view of the ocean, and the windswept shore, at one of the many concerts available on the Island. Rondavels and beach bars play host to warm and fun evenings. Bodies sway, smiles are exchanged and fun is the watchword all evening long in the Land of Light. Fan of moonlit sessions and acoustic guitar? Raise a glass with your friends on the sands and jam away! Neon and dance floors are more your thing? Head into one of the night-clubs along the coast. Whatever you're into, the Ultimate Experience will have you dancing in no time.
Throughout the year, there are various cultural activities dotted around the Land of Light. From the underwater Festival of Images to the Carnaval Grand Boucan and the Leu Tempo, you have plenty to choose from. Reunion Island is also the place for magnificent year-end festivities where fireworks light up the night sky.

Intensely refreshing

When the heat settles in, you have several options. You can work on your tan, sip a cold drink in the shade, or, to cool down even more: go for a dip in the Indian Ocean! With sparkling water between 23°C and 28°C, its beaches of black and golden sand and preserved in its natural state, the West is an incredible place for lovers of seaside resorts.
Feel like moving about a bit? The Land of Light is bursting with things to do: you can explore its turquoise waters throughout the year. Relaxing or stimulating, they will all leave you with unforgettable memories. Go whale-watching, admire the blue depths by trying some scuba diving for the first time, or meet some turtles at the Kélonia research centre. The lagoon and its inhabitants will be unveiled to you in the light of a brand-new day.
Even though the laidback and resort-like atmosphere of the West of Reunion Island draws lots of visitors, it would be unfair to reduce the region to simply a place of beaches and lagoons. It is also home to landscapes of surprising beauty, like the savanna on the heights of Cape La Houssaye. There are no wild animals here, but the fields vary from green to bright yellow with the season. In the summer, the sunsets cast golden hues on the azure blue of the ocean. Make sure you take the time to explore this region so you don't miss any of its riches.