Land of the Mighty Ocean

Cap Jaune

In the southern part of Reunion Island, the Land of the Mighty Ocean reveals all of the beauty and power of Reunion Island nature

Wild coastlines, winds and ocean come together, embrace and clash in a fascinating spectacle. Walk along the majestic cliffs , which give the impression that you've reached the end of the world, far, far from modern life. Here, l’art de vivre lontan (the art of living far away) a blend of traditions, simplicity and joie de vivre. Meet the locals and share a group meal to get a better idea of their culture. Because while the lands of the South may seem extreme, the generosity of its inhabitants is up to the task.
Clavé la cote sud

Raw and wild nature

The Land of the Mighty Ocean perfectly captures the neighbouring regions in a nutshell. From the Land of Light,it has taken the idea of easy living. From the Land of Volcanoes, it has taken the spectacular power of the elements. And finally, from the Heights, it has taken the rarity of know-how. This blend of atmospheres forms a unique living space in which wild, preserved nature awaits adventurers seeking authenticity.
Here, nothing is permanent. Like the ocean, the panoramas of the South change with the seasons. Admire the astonishingly varied countryside, undergoing perpetual change and renewal.
Each second, this region bears witness to the natural diversity that reigns over the Island, a meeting place of the plant and mineral worlds.
With its end-of-the-world feeling, this land summarises the greatest riches the Island has to offer. Islets of vegetation surrounded by lava flows are sure to fascinate when you adventure to Reunion Island. The volcanic countryside merges with the wild beauty of the coast, battered by sea and wind. Walk along the basalt cliffs for a while to feel the intensity of the elements. Open your eyes wide and take in the spectacular panoramic views of the South such as le Cap Méchant (Nasty Cape) and le Cap Jaune (the Yellow Cape). You can take advantage of the peace and quiet of the ponds and natural pools for a different kind of dip.
Trail your feet in the Bassin de Manapany (Manapany Pool) and enjoy a small haven of aquatic peace! Devotees of masks and snorkel will be love it.
As you move through the lands, the raw energy of the ocean slowly gives way to soothing calm. A bit peckish? Organise a local-style picnic on Grande-Anse beach or on the banks of the River Langevin.

Crafts and traditions

Where Creole huts meet the grandiose countryside of the South, encounter a multitude of local craftsmen who are continuing the Creole art de vivre (art of life). You can get up close to the island's different traditions, such as sugar cane, vetiver and peach cultivation. Open your eyes and don't hesitate to find out more from the locals. They will be delighted to share their passion with you.
The Land of the Mighty Ocean is also an opportunity to get to know Reunion crafts folk. Among other things, you can learn how to weave vacoa (screwpine),the emblematic tree found everywhere in the South part of the Island. Visit a weaving house for a demonstration and initiation on request. Observing ancestral expertise come to life before your eyes is an unforgettable experience, for both young and old! Take advantage of your trip to stroll through the street markets and find out about local crafts and the men and women who bring Creole art to life.

A Lontan art de vivre

If you like taking your time, the Land of the Mighty Ocean is for you. Synonymous with softness, langour and tranquillity, this nostalgic ambiance still endures in the South. Why not give it a go!
Step outside of time and set off to enjoy this way of life, a mixture of Creole know-how and culture. Immerse yourself in the legendary easy living of the locals and adopt their rhythm for a day. When the sun starts to set, the Saint-Pierre seafront is the place for a superb stroll under the reddening skies of dusk.
Tables d’hôtes, local produce, markets, numerous local festivals, ox-cart rides and a visit to a rum distillery: there are many things to do when you explore the Pei des falaises. (Land of Cliffs)
The South is a land given to sharing, with simple beauty and expressive joie of vivre. It is the ideal atmosphere for those seeking a blend of countryside, hiking and encounters with local craftsmen and women.