The intense island, a unique living together

An island where traditions and religions live in perfect harmony

The ethnic diversity is a strength in Reunion

Intensely authentic and enchanting

Reunion Island is melting-pot where European, Malagasy, Indian, Asian and African civilisations meet, a perfect example of living together: this can be seen in the local population. Reunion Island is a land of a thousand faces, an unusually rich cultural mix that is reflected in the culture and the art, the religion and the cuisine. Immerse yourself in the authentic heart of Reunion Island, explore its history, its heritage and its traditions. 

Unparalleled ethnic diversity

The population of Reunion Island is extremely mixed. Originally from Africa, China, India, Europe, the inhabitants coexist in perfect harmony. The same goes for its traditional music, the rhythms of sega and maloya which punctuate daily life.
Embark on an adventure and spend an evening at an original show, a music festival or a cultural event where locals and tourists enjoy themselves together.

Shared cultures

Enjoy the warmth of a Reunion Island welcome and get a taste of the Creole way of life! Visit some of the cultural and religious sites and monuments on the island. Fiercely proud of their island, respecting others is in the genes of the islanders. The churches, Tamil temples, mosques and Chinese pagodas which form part of the urban landscape are a symbol of this tolerance. 


Gourmet breaks

Let us surprise you with an explosion of authentic and innovative flavours. Taste the gastronomy on this spice island which comes from the four corners of the planet! Let us take you on a culinary journey , the ultimate experience to discover local Reunion Island products: turmeric, kaffir lime, chilli pepper, vanilla, Bourbon Pointu coffee, lychees, papayas, guavas, mangoes, Victoria pineapples, passion fruit, tangors, heritage vegetables etc. Enjoy a unique experience and make sure you visit the markets, where the smells of the spices and the colours of the exotic fruits will awaken your senses. Learn how to cook on a wood fire, then savour the caris, rougails and other spices, which will no longer hold any secrets for you. Or share a picnic in a typical Reunionese atmosphere, just like families and friends typically spend their Sundays on Reunion Island.