PLAGE KELONIA (Kelonia beach)

Paragliding Site - Town of Saint-Leu

Welcome to the Kelonia beach paragliding site

“Kelonia Beach” free flight site

Paragliding site - Town of Saint-Leu

Technical characteristics:

Period: all year round
WGS84 GPS Coordinates: X = 321 247.1 Y = 7 660 046.5
Take-off altitude: 1 m
Main take-off site: Colimaçons 800
Landing direction: the corner of the beach
Delta accessibility: yes
Aerology: approach from the south or the north with loss of altitude over the sea
Access:  on the side of the RN1A at the northern entrance to Saint-Leu
Observations, dangers:  strong pressure gradient in the north.  Beware of the north-easterly winds. Don’t drop in altitude over the road (RN1A). This place is popular all year round so it is of the utmost importance to respect the rules regarding spacing.
Weather beacon FFVL n°164: Kélonia frequency 143.9875 MhZ (VHF radio) or go to

Rules of procedure: 

In accordance with prefectural order n°3359 DR.1 concerning the use of ultra-light gliders:
•  Flights may be conducted in the following conditions:  you must be at least 14 years old, wearing the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
•  Holder of valid aviation liability insurance cover
• Gliders are bound by the rules of the air. Users must respect the provisions of the French Civil Aviation Code and French Free Flight Federation (FFVL)
•  Vehicles must be parked in the indicated car park
•  Accompanying persons and those observing the flight must comply with the pedestrian traffic regulations (see the following pedestrian traffic map):  it is forbidden to be present in preparation and take-off areas.
•  Any breach of these conditions may result in temporary or definitive exclusion from the site

Practical advice from Papangue Futé:

•  Weather conditions in Reunion Island are specific to each region. Contact the paragliding clubs or associations if you are not familiar with the site. They will give you the information you need about flight conditions
• If you are flying alone, always inform someone of your whereabouts
•  Respect the flight recommendations issued by the FFVL (
• While flying, be aware of others and please respect the priority rules
• For safety radio services, use frequency 143.9875 MhZ (VHF radio)
•  Every site has a marked take-off area. This area must remain clear to ensure each take-off: pilots must be harnessed in, wearing a helmet and the wings must be prepared. Area prohibited for accompanying persons and those observing the flight.

Pilots, you fly at your own risk, whatever the conditions and facilities of this site!  Don’t forget that cancellations are an integral part of the activity. In the event of unfavourable weather conditions, do not hesitate to cancel your flight!

Site management: 
• IRT, Ecotourism Planning and Development department:
• LVLR, Ligue Réunionnaise de Vol Libre (Reunion Free Flight Club): 
Other useful numbers:
• Météo France (French Weather Station): +262 (0)8 92 68 08 08 
(€0.30/min from a local number)
• Pierrefonds Control Tower: +262 (0)262 96 80 08
• PGHM: +262 (0)262 930 930 
or Emergency Services: 112