Trou blanc

Rivière du Mât - Salazie district

This amazing canyoning circuit springs from the Piton des Neiges. A large part of the circuit involves abseiling down waterfalls, and sliding and jumping in water.

Technical characteristics

  • Length of the canyon: 1710 m
  • Maximum abseiling height: 20 m
  • Altitude at the starting point: 850 m
  • Altitude at the end point: 630 m
  • Downhill gradient: 220 m
  • Catchment area: 15.87 km²
  • Equipment: EC standard stainless steel ice screws and bolt hangers
  • Type of rock: Basaltic, Magmatic (syenite) 

Ranking for average or ordinary flow

 Verticality -V3
 Aquatic - A5
 Engagement - E3

 Circuit time

  • Recommanded departure time : 9.00 am
  • Walk to reach the starting point : 40 min
  • Estimated canyoning time : 6 hours discounting breaks (team of 6)
  • Walk back : 15 min
  • TOTAL duration of the race : 7 hours

"You go canyoning at your own risk, whatever conditions and facilities provided by this site! Remember: renouncement is all part of the activity. You are advised to turn back in bad weather!"

General rules

Canyoning is a tough physical activity in fragile natural sites. You need to be familiar with the site and with specific techniques suitable for vertical terrain. Users need to acknowledge that there is a very real risk of accidents, due to natural phenomena (falling rock, rising water etc.), handling errors and faulty equipment

Information for independent practice

Before setting out, you must ask locals for information.

Risk of flash floods

Look at the water level before setting out.
Local phenomena can cause sudden heavy rainfall anywhere and in all seasons (150 mm in 3 hours is fairly common).
On rainy days, the water may rise 10 to 15 minutes after it first starts raining. This is the entrance to the main containment basin of the cirque de Salazie.
During the summer rainy season, from December to April, there may be several tropical depressions, which may lead to tropical rain showers, making flooding more likely.
Even in fine weather, heavy rainfall upstream can cause the water to rise suddenly and swiftly.
See on right a map of the 15.87 catchment area for the canyon de Trou Blanc

Watch out for warning signs:
  •  Change of water colour
  •  Increased flow
  •  Appearance of surface froth or foam

See below a photo of the canyon flooding, view from the footbridge

Move to a high point where you won't get hit by falling stones, or take the escape route

Trou Blanc canyoning guidemap

Let's all take care of the environment.

Please flag any problem to Suricate (marking, fallen rocks, facilities etc.) on this circuit at

Visitors are requested to :

  • Preserve ecosystems
  • Bring all litter back, even if it is biodegradable