Lagoons and marine reserves

An aquarium of wonders
Saint-Gilles' lagoon - Reunion Island

Whether it is on land, in the air or in water, Reunion Island is a vast outdoor playground.

Bathed in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island harbours a stunningly beautiful coral reef to the west and the south of the island. It is ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving in a protected environment. It is paradise for children and an extraordinary gateway into an imaginary world.

Breath-taking beaches

From the white sands of Boucan-Canot to Saint-Gilles and the black sands of Etang-Salé, from the romantic beach of Ermitage, in the shade of the filao trees, to the lagoon on Saint-Leu, Réunion's scenery is quite magical. A protected environment and excellent water quality, where the only risk is sunburn.
In the waters of the island's shallow lagoons, all you need is a snorkel and you're ready to dive. The island is like a natural aquarium, ideal for the discovery of marine life, home to more than 1,000 different species of fish, including triggerfish, surgeonfish, trumpet-fish and clown fish, and nearly 200 coral specials, in a unique festival of colours. It is paradise for scuba diving fans, whether they come for their first dive (initiation from the age of 8) or for guided descents.

A stream of emotions

One of the island's treasures and perfect for kids (or marmailles in Creole), the Saint-Gilles Aquarium also boasts more than 500 coral fish, groupers, sharks barracudas, seahorses and shellfish. A route from the volcanic cliffs to the ocean, for all lovers of marine fauna and flora. And yet more magic with the boat trips with "Capt'ain Marmaille" in the port of Saint-Gilles. Family, fun and educational trips out to sea, in full safety, for children and adults. And for a taste of more buoyant waters, head out to the Parc Akoatys at Etang-Salé. The island is environmentally-aware and even the youngest children can be introduced to environmental issues via the underwater path at Ermitage lagoon or the Kelonia Turtle centre at Saint-Leu.

Practical info: With the various vaccinations available, you will be able to enjoy your stay with your family, with full peace of mind.