Place de la Mairie et de l'Eglise Notre Dame de l'Assomption

Remarkable places at Salazie

  • The Town Hall Square is located near the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Salazie village. Salazie is one of the three cirques (vast volcanic calderas) of Reunion Island. Salazie comes from Soalazy (a term for a pot with three feet in Malagasy). For a long time it was called “good camp.” The name of Salazie was officially recognized in 1835. Salazie has a rich heritage that includes sites listed or registered by the French Historic Monument Society. It has many tourist attractions, beautiful views, waterfalls, mountains, etc.
    The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption was blessed on October 2nd 1941. Gabriel Charles Octave Bourasseau was appointed the priest of Salazie in 1936. He was responsible for several parishes of the island. He has rested in Salazie since his death in 1957. Many faithful visit his vault, which is located behind the church. Father Bourasseau was known for granting pardons.
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