Eating Out


Restaurants on Reunion Island

Reunion Island boasts a rich culinary tradition inspired by the various ethnic groups that make up its population.  During your stay on Reunion Island, why not treat yourself to a colourful culinary exploration at one of the restaurants that we have selected for you ?

Sampling Reunion cuisine on the go or with the locals

There’s nothing quite like waking up those curious traveller taste buds than sampling the special main  dishes of Reunion cuisine straight from those that do it best – The Reunionese themselves!  This is best done by knocking on the door of Bed & Breakfast establishments, or stopping at a little place located along the way as you travel round Reunion.  These are places where you can sample typically Reunionese dishes, or perhaps enjoy a fish-based diet:  swordfish and bream that’s been steamed, grilled or oven-cooked, as well as raw tuna and marlin tartare, carpaccio or sushi.

Savouring Reunionese cuisine in a gastronomic restaurant

If you prefer your food served up with less formalities then choose one of the many restaurants in Reunion.  The more modest ones will serve up tasty and straightforward dishes in the purest Reunionese culinary traditions, whilst others – located in prestigious establishments and bearing the labels Restaurateur de France, Restaurant de Tourisme or Qualité Tourisme île de La Réunion -   are an opportunity for you to enjoy Reunionese cuisine with a modern touch.  On the menu:  tender crab and prawn flavoured with orange and pink grapefruit, crispy oyster mushroom and lobster ravioli, and vanilla trout flambée and chicken in coconut milk among other delights.  To whet your appetite, why not take the opportunity to learn more about the basics of Reunionese cuisine before you set off ?