“A Look at the Ocean” – Reunion Island Quality Tourism launches photo competition

Fonds marins - © L. Beche
Jeux concours

Published on 25 May 2015

Fabulous prizes await the 20 selected winners of a photo competition which was just launched by Reunion Island’s Quality Tourism organization. They are keen to see visitors’ and residents’ experiences of Reunion Island as they saw them through the lens of their cameras - under water, above water, from the air, and from the ground. In fact, any pictures of life and activities on Reunion Island will do, from impressions of the manicured gardens of guest houses and their architecture, to adventure activities and museum or plantation visits, to everyday life in the colorful markets - anything really to catch the attention of the voting public AS LONG as there is a view of the ocean in the background. Because this competition is after all called “A Look at the Ocean.”

Terms and conditions? Also made simple by following these steps:

  1. Connect to the Facebook page Qualité Tourisme Reunion Island 
  2. Click “Like" 
  3. Go to the Photo Contest Application
  4. Post your photo on the theme of the sea accompanied by a title and a description of the visual
  5. Submit your participation in the Internet vote

The outcome of the competition, once the public votes have been reconciled and audited, will be established from June 18 onwards before the winners are notified on June 22 of this year on the Facebook page where the pictures must be posted.

Best of luck to the contestants, but truth told, everyone who visited Reunion Island is already a winner.