An ingredient from Reunion Island captures the attention of pastry chefs

Galabé © Payet [&] Riviere
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Published on 24 July 2015

France’s ongoing competition, “Who will be the Next Great Pastry Chef?” is attracting the attention of gourmets from France and beyond. Renowed chefs Pierre Marcolini, Christophe Adam, Philippe Urraca, and Christope Michalak are on the panel of judges, cajoling and prodding the candidates on to reach greater heights when introducing new creations. Reunion Island’s flagship company, Payet [&] Rivíere, on the occasion of the third edition of the competition made its entry. One of the three remaining candidates in the competition, Tristan, created “Mangu’alabé”, with a distinct taste of mango and Galabé, made by Payet [&] Riviere. 
More than three million viewers took notice of Payet [&] Riviere’s original Reunion Island product Galabé, designed as “Grand Cru Sucrier.” 
Originally homemade on the island’s farms over a wood fire, Galabé was originally used as a local candy. The production was a labor-intensive process, from the first pressing of the sugar cane which gives raw sugar, rich with minerals and nutritious elements. The process had almost been forgotten on Reunion Island, but after months of research and study of the processes involved, Payet [&] Riviere were able to re-create Galabé. 

For gourmets keen to get their hands, or rather their palate, on this delicacy made of cane grown in volcanic soil, an online sale will be started soon, although visitors to Reunion Island can purchase the new product line beginning sometime in October when the launch takes place in grocery stores across the island.