Celebrating Valentine’s Day on romantic Reunion Island

Valentine's Day on Reunion Island - © Studio Lumiere
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Published on 15 January 2016

Valentine's Day in the sun on Reunion Island
The hotels on Reunion Island offer romantic vacations for love birds. Guests of course can also enjoy an intimate dinner, and the resorts and restaurants on the island will prepare special Valentine menus with that special Creole touch that will awaken the senses of loving hearts.
For great romantics in search of original ideas, a sunset cruise is available! This is an opportunity for the more adventurous Valentines to declare their undying love while enjoying a tropical cocktail which colors easily match the blaze of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. 

As a couple, perhaps a trip in a transparent kayak into the lagoon might interest some to discover the marine life of the Indian Ocean. However, those prone to the downside of sea sickness may look for alternative feasible activities on land and in the air. 
What woman has not dreamed of one day running to her Prince Charming on his beautiful white horse? What man has ever wanted to brag his love to the woman of his life? On this symbolic day for lovers, Reunion Island provides an unmatched opportunity to give a loved one a horseback ride on the beach or through the magical landscape of the Plaine des Sables. 
Love gives you wings? Indeed, on Reunion Island it does. Fly over the island by helicopter for those unforgettable moments to discover the Pitons, cirques, and ramparts listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, not forgetting to look down into the center of a volcano.
If it is a wellness break the couple seeks, the numerous island spas offer visitors not just a massage for two or let them enjoy the intimate moments in a Jacuzzi, but also full treatment menus for couples, available throughout their stay on Reunion Island.
And for those who want to leave their own mark and take home a truly special souvenir, it is possible to create a custom scent for your better or other half thanks to distilled fragrances by many abundant aromatic plants on the island.

Have you made your choice after reading all this? 

Do not wait, it is only a month to go. Remember, Reunion Island stirs the hearts and awakens the senses of lovers as, after all, the island is French, the country where love was invented.