Dimitri Payet is awarded the title of Honorary Ambassador for Reunion Island!

Dimitri Payet - © IRT/ ECoustillat
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Published on 26 July 2016

Considered as one of the revelations of the Euro 2016, Dimitri Payet joined the circle of honorary ambassadors for Reunion Island. On Saturday 23rd July, the president of Reunion Island Tourism Board (IRT), Stéphane Fouassin awarded the honorary title to Dimitri Payet at a press conference held at the Akoya Hôtel & Spa. 

Native of Saint-Philippe, Dimitri Payet thrilled the soccer world with his exploits during the Euro 2016. Thanks to his prowess, the reunionese player headlined in the most important national media. Not only the whole of France, but also supporters and media worldwide, were riveted to the sight of this outstanding athlete and his native island. This visibility, and the positive message conveyed by Dimitri Payet, create an extraordinary opportunity for Reunion Island to reinforce its image and reputation, at a global level, as a land of talent and mixed cultures.
For IRT, it was irresistible to associate the image of the island with the international champion. Reunion Island Tourism Board welcomed Dimitri Payet to its network of honorary ambassadors for Reunion Island on Saturday 23rd July 2016. The addition of this new title to his record of achievements is a source of pride for the soccer player from Reunion Island. "I am proud and happy to be a honorary ambassador for three reasons: to share our culture and values, share the attractions of our island, and help the young population." Despite progressing with an international club for many years, where he is at the centre of the football stage, the player does not forget his native island, and proudly acclaims his reunionese roots. According to the president of IRT, Stéphane Fouassin, "This man carries the image of Reunion Island throughout the world via his reputation as a soccer player... But he is also an extremely simple man who promotes Reunion Island naturally. He doesn't need to be forced."

Dimitri Payet - a model of success in his discipline - now proudly bears the colours of Reunion Island, a land of mixed cultures and champions!