Golden Mustache: The hilarious interview!

Golden Moustache - Le trésor de la Buse
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Published on 07 July 2015

After shooting their latest short film on Reunion Island, the Golden Moustache team is now perched at the edge of a swimming pool, enjoying a well-deserved rest under the sun of the southern hemisphere. The Golden Mustache team granted Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) an (almost) exclusive interview, aimed to find out the whys and whereabouts of the venture. Julien Josselin, co-author and actor; Valentin Vincent, co-writer and actor; Adrien Menielle, co-writer and actor; and FloBer, actor, accompanied by Stephan Carlod, the clip’s director and cinematographer, were all asked about their Reunion Island adventure in search of the treasures of the infamous pirate, La Buse.

It's been a little over two years since team Golden Moustache’s last production went viral on the web as comedians extraordinaire reloaded 2.0. But what is really behind this latest Golden Moustache adventure?

Golden Moustache is a humor channel with exclusive videos, reminds Adrien Menielle who is the daddy of the group. The collective havoc the Golden Moustache showcase via its website and its YouTube channel for almost three years now is well known, “But the site has changed!” says one member of the group. Today, it is supposed to be more of a humorous platform for their productions, a benchmark of what is done in terms of classic French humor. 

An ambitious project for the YoutuBeurs, but with a team from "8 to 230,000 people," Golden Moustache is a big and plucky machine!

The team arrived on Reunion Island on Monday, April 20, for a week of shooting. What did they think of the island?

For FloBer, the optimist in the group, “Everything went well, […] the landscapes are beautiful! A real small film we shot. For us who have grown up with adventure comedy, it's fun." Through Stephan Carlod is the eagle eye of a professional speaking, “No matter where we went, it was all beautiful sites. The diverse landscape is really the highlight of the shoot." An item that fits Valentin Vincent for whom “the natural settings are crazy enough" and who lived on site a “new and super refreshing" experience. And Julien Josselin, with his mischievous eyes, added “the adventure story is great with these decorations. We really have to let go!” 

Their best memory remains the filming of the volcano site, including the Plaine des Sables and the Commerson crater unanimously called both “surreal and awesome!”

In the end, it's a video of a dozen minutes so what's the pitch?

“The Treasure of La Buse" is an adventure film as a starting point with two friends who are on vacation in Reunion Island. After seeing a television report on the history of the pirate, Olivier Levasseur aka La Buse, the two friends decide to go in search of his hoard, estimated at over 3 billion euro, which is hidden somewhere on the island. The catch: one of them wants to go on an adventure, while the second seeks only to have fun and enjoy their holidays at all costs. From incredible situations to absurd dialogues, they discover the multi-faceted scenery of the island and go on to meet characters around the island.

The success of Golden Moustache lies in the fact that the group managed to capture and speak to an entire age class and an entire generation. But what do they expect of this new video?

Julien Josselin of Golden Moustache recalls the trends to produce more and longer videos. They saw there the opportunity to shoot a video of this type. “People used to see videos filmed in Paris. With these atypical sceneries, this is a nice present for us and our audience," says FloBer. The video, which has an open end, could lead to a spin-off with more defined characters, to follow as a sequence or sequences in the future.

And if they had only one word to describe Reunion Island?

The booming voice of Julien Josselin lets loose with a big “yes!" While Valentin Vincent offers a “splendid” like Jim Carrey in The Mask. For Adrien Menielle, it is “totoche" or “tantine" - two Creole words that mean “wow" and “girl." As for FloBer, it is the “bouchon," a local culinary specialty to be enjoyed as an aperitif that caught his attention.

Room for humor galore for fans of the Golden Moustache with this new video made on Reunion Island! Share the news as widely as you can.