International street artist “Ceet” loves Reunion Island

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Published on 17 July 2015

The first time he walked the streets of Reunion Island was ten years ago when he came on the occasion of the Fèt Kaf as the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery on December 20 each year is known. Back then he had been invited to make a mural dedicated to the festival.

“Reunion, I love you!", Ceet

A decade later, his love affair with Reunion Island continues, for he is the one who “fell in love the first time [he] stepped on the island." For Ceet, Reunion Island is “a unique place" by its landscapes and nature. What he likes most of all is, in his words, the unique island atmosphere and the warmth of Reunionese.

As it is normal for Ceet, wherever he goes, his trademark chicken interpretations go with him, and it is no different during his visit to Reunion Island. Being there, Ceet called the island “a breath of fresh air” – a compliment from a man who travels constantly across the world and visits major cities. Neither here nor there, Ceet does not need any introduction when it comes to his renowned art. Moroccan-born Fouad, which is Ceet’s real name, claims he was literally born with a spray can in his hand and grew up to be a pioneer in street art and graffiti where he made an impact with his chicken theme. Since those early days, however, he has also shown his talent as a sculptor and designer which saw him get assignments and commissions from such brand names like Adidas, Prada, and Lancel. 

Ceet, exhibited in Hong Kong’s Art Biennial and in Lyon, Vienna, and Castres, among other places. He is recognized as one of the leading artists of his kind of this generation. 

Ceet will be on Reunion Island for some more time, no doubt practicing his art whenever opportunity allows, before once again bidding goodbye to the island.