Join Johanne Defay and Renaud Lavilennie to surf at Reunion Island’s beaches

Boucan Canot - © Laurent Forestier
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Published on 15 December 2015

Sporting legends join in opening of shark-free beach on Reunion Island
With the laying of anti-shark nets in Boucan Canot on Friday, December 11, it is again possible to enjoy water activities safely on this beach of the west coast of Reunion Island.

Already the next day, French sporting legends Renaud Lavillenie and Johanne Defay jumped into the water to enjoy the Indian Ocean and surf the waves. Saturday, December 12, was the day beach Boucan Canot officially reopened after being secured with anti-shark nets the day before. Now this popular beach is once again the joy of surfers, bodyboarders, swimmers, and other lovers of the sea.

The champions were invited to inaugurate the reopened site. Tourism ambassador of Reunion Island and Olympic champion in the pole vault, Renaud Lavillenie, with his teammates on the French team, and surf champion Johanne Defay, who recently returned from the Maui Pro held in Hawaii, took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the Indian Ocean waters which are now secure.

Enjoy the images of their session.