La Route des Tamarins Paragliding World Cup Series 2015 takes off on Reunion Island

La Route des Tamarins Paragliding World Cup Series 2015

Published on 02 October 2015

Reunion Island is world acclaimed by fans of free flight for its exceptional off-sites and optimum air conditions all year long. The paragliding activity, a great tourist attraction for Reunion Island, takes off today with the opening of the La Route des Tamarins Paragliding World Cup Series in 2015.

Saint-Leu, mecca of free flying on Reunion Island, hosts the World Cup Series 2015, from September 29 to October 3, 2015. Organized by the League of Free Flight Reunion, this international annual competition is positioned as a great tourism promotion, particularly among participants who discover both the landscapes of Reunion Island as seen from the air, and for the optimum flight conditions offered by the island.

The championship competitors will compete in five innings in total, during which they will have to stay in the air, swinging on distances between fifty and one hundred kilometers - a feat for non-motorized vehicles! Drivers must use the warm currents - real invisible elevators - to move in the sky of Reunion Island. Takeoffs will be at the site of Colimacons 800 (Saint-Leu) or Bellemene (St. Paul), depending on weather conditions. It is a multicolored sky that awaits the audience, especially the motorists of the Tamarins road, this traditional organized ballet of colorful sails flying over fast lane to reach the coast of the island throughout the year. For pilots in competition, the aim of the maneuver is to rally the various airline tags, pledges made a consistent route, before landing on the golden sand beach of Kelonia, which owes its name to the observatory of marine turtles nearby. The criteria for the competition: the rapid completion of the course, the longest distance traveled, and fastest time on a course.

It is a platform of choice that is offered this year with the arrival of nearly sixty international pilots from France, Italy, South Africa, Greece, Colombia, India, Iran, Spain, Japan, Venezuela, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia, which will start in the Reunion Island sky. Among the favorites for the competition: the Russian Daria Krasnova (Champion of Russia 2011-2014), the French Charles Cazaux (2011 World Champion and Vice World Champion 2013), the French Alexandre Jofresa (second pre PWC Millau 2015), the South African Steph Junker (champion of South Africa 2014), the Polish Kaludia Bulgakow (world champion 2013), Seiko Fukuoka Naville the French (world champion 2015), the Italian Nicola Donini (champion of Italy 2013), and Nelson De Freyman French. Sebastien Coupy, stage winner in 2013 and honorary ambassador of Reunion Island will also take part in the competition alongside twenty Reunion Island drivers.

Throughout the week, activities will take on short landings on the beach of Kelonia, and a big party is planned in the Parc Saint-Leu on October 3, after the last round with awards, meetings, trade, catering, refreshments, and concert groups Kfe Maloya (7:30 p.m.) and Baster (8:30 p.m.). This is a great opportunity to discover the practice of free flight, with both feet firmly planted on the ground!