Magma and magnifique equals Magma’ Gnifique – only on Reunion Island


Published on 24 September 2015

Four eruptions this year of the famous Piton de la Fournaise have raised interest levels greatly for visits to the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion, and the tourism marketers have promptly latched on to these events to hard-sell island holidays on the French mainland and elsewhere. 

Reunion Island’s national highway route 2, also known as the “Lava Route,” is used by over 3,000 vehicles per day, driven by islanders but also the tour buses taking tourists to the most scenic spots on the island. 

Presently under reconstruction, the highway will re-open towards the end of October. While car traffic is not possible during this time, the tourism marketers have lost no time to declare the weekend of September 26 and 27 an open day for the route. Anyone coming to the stretch of closed road on foot, by bike, by velo, or on skates will be allowed to see the lava flows. Those with deeper pockets can take one of the regular helicopter tours to see the event and the natural spectacle of the lava flow from the air. Afterwards a film will be screened “La coulee du siecle,” while other activities are also planned, such as an introduction to braiding or a guided hike from Port du Tremblet to the Puits Arabe.