Over a million YouTube views for Reunion Island-produced comedy

Golden Moustache - Le trésor de la Buse
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Published on 31 August 2015

It took not even two months to reach the million view mark on YouTube following the release of the comedy produced by “The Golden Moustache” on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion. The main characters, very well known in France, went on to chase a fabulous treasure out of the book of tales, although no one can be certain that the story is not fact based after all. 

Titled “Le Tresor de la Buse,” and named after the legendary pirate who roamed the waters of the Indian Ocean islands, the short film marks a return for the “Golden Moustache” team, and their fans were reportedly delirious about the new feature. Reunion Island, of course, will no doubt benefit from the added exposure in French-speaking countries as it may draw not just ordinary tourists to the island but also treasure hunters keen to follow the historical hints and make history themselves, should they ever find the legendary treasure.