Quality Tourism label certifies new institutions on Reunion Island

Representatives of the new certified Quality Tourism Reunion Island businesses
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Published on 17 December 2015

Quality tourism Reunion Island: Twenty-four new providers get certified
Quality is an important issue in the development of the tourist industry. Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) has, therefore, focused strongly on the establishment of a regional label to local tourism providers in the areas of accommodation, catering, sports and culture, transport, craft shops, hospitality, and information. Yesterday, December 16, twenty-four local tourism service providers obtained the Quality Tourism Reunion Island label as awarded after a thorough audit by Reunion Island Tourism.

Yesterday, twenty-four members joined the QTIR label in Reunion of which twenty-three are new institutions, plus a former label holder which has seen its status re-evaluated according to the criteria imposed by the device and subsequently has been re-certified.

On the occasion, a press conference was held at La Vanilleraie at the heart of the Beautiful Country. The chairman of the IRT, Mr. Patrick Serveaux, presented the professionals of the newly-labeled businesses and enterprises the certificates attesting to the quality of their services.

Among them was the restaurant La Calade which also got the French national label Qualité Tourisme ™. 

For these professionals, the QTIR label is primarily a token of recognition in the tourism sector, and it is also a quality safeguard for visitors to the island. 

It reassures them and they see the quality of work being conducted by the company especially at the reception and for marketed offers. The Garden of Perfumes and Spices already has the Ecocert certification for organic farming. Obtaining the QTIR label is an extension of their already certified and audited approach since 1988.

Beyond the recognition, QTIR labels also helpdevelop sales of tourism products marketed QTIR, because the label can be distinguished from other similar professionals,” as stated by Dominique Cerveaux Guid'A Nou. 

The development of new emerging markets - China, India, and South Africa - is also at the heart of the tourism strategy of Reunion Island Tourism for over 2 years now. 

The Azot'Tours incoming agency specialized in welcoming these customers, and is now also part of the new label QTIR. 

Kelly Chu Fuk Shian's becoming a member of the label was almost obvious: “We wanted to move forward with the IRT, because we have already carried out joint actions on the South African and Chinese markets.”

Today, the agency Azot'Tours is part of the great family of Reunion Island Tourism and represents the quality expectations IRT and guests have. If the quality of the agency's services is now made official with access to the label, Kelly Chu Fuk Shian also recalls the importance “of offering a warm welcome [to customers] and also [important] to be sure about the quality of providers with whom Azot'Tours works.”

The new labels were given to the following businesses:

Accommodation - restaurants

Guest rooms

  • La Villa des Cannes (Clévacances)
  • La Ferme du Bel Air (Clévacances)

Saisionnières Rentals

  • Maison Mucuna (A furnished)
  • Le Rubinjo (Clévacances)
  • Villa Paille en Queue (Clévacances)
  • Les Oiseux du Paradis (Clévacances)


  • La Calade

Sports and outdoor leisure activities

  • Terre Cameleon (Hiking)
  • La Touline (boat rental)
  • Aquasens (whitewater)
  • Adrénal'île (canyoning)
  • Parapente Nature (paragliding)



  • Odonata Transport
  • Allo Chauffeur
  • Dany Drive 974

Craft shop

  • Cre Passion 974

Cultural activities

  • Le Jardin des Parfums et des Epices (garden tour)
  • Le Comptoir Mélissa (operating visit)
  • La Vanilleraie (operating visit)

Home - Information

  • Azot'Tour (incoming agency)
  • Passion Outre Mer (receptive agencies)
  • Réunitours (receptive agencies)
  • Guid'A Nou (tour guide)


Leisure Sports

  • Roby Soriano (hiking)