Reunion Island - a place in the sun!

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Published on 03 February 2017

Summer is in full swing in the southern hemisphere at this time of year. Do you feel in need of some sun and warmth this winter? Do you fancy indulging in a spot of relaxation? Come and spend a dream holiday on Reunion island in the sun-drenched Indian Ocean. What are you waiting for?!


While the population of the Northern hemisphere is shivering in winter, in Reunion Island it's summer from the month of November until April the following year. During the summer season, when the coastal temperatures average 30°, the focus shifts to well-being, so you can gently recharge your batteries. Reunion Island's beaches are an absolute must during holiday season. Summer in Reunion is the ideal time to enjoy sunbathing or to relax in the shimmering turquoise lagoon, where the water temperature varies between 27 and 29°. Relax on the warm sand, caressed by the sun's rays and indulge in lazy daydreams, in exceptional surroundings. For fans of cool, fast-flowing water, there are lots of swimming spots with exhilarating mineral waterfalls that will awaken your senses.


You can practise many different water sports on the strips of yellow or black sand that border the island's coastline Boucan Canot beach, which is on the west coast, and sunniest side of the island, is known as one of Reunion's most beautiful beaches. For water sports enthusiasts, this yellow sandy beach is the gateway to the Indian Ocean. Stand up paddle, surfing, bodyboarding, transparent kayaks, swimming and snorkelling: Reunion is a genuine blue paradise!


Pluses: enjoy an exotic fruit sundowner cocktail, looking out across the Indian ocean, accompanied by the sound of rustling palm trees. 

The dark blue waters of the Indian Ocean are also a delight for sailing enthusiasts. You'll probably come across some mischievous dolphins while comfortably seated on a catamaran; they delight in jumping in the waves and wake created by the boat. Do you fancy a magical, unforgettable experience? Take a cruise and admire the brilliant colours of the setting sun, setting the horizon ablaze with beautiful shades of red, orange, pink and purple.

Relax, you're in Reunion Island.