Reunion Island holds public sector consultations

Reunion Island holds public sector consultations

Published on 18 September 2015

Reunion Island’s central tourism marketing organization and the various field offices across the island sat down earlier this month united under the Reunion Tourism Federation to both take stock and look ahead. 

Some 15 participants came together to, among other things, also discuss the challenges they all faced during 2014. Also high on the agenda was to find ways and means to improve inter-agency cooperation

Various agenda items were put on the day’s program: 
  • awareness of foreign markets;
  • discussions on e-tourism platform dedicated to the sale is evolving into a more powerful tool that should be effective at the beginning of 2016;
  • website redesign and improvement of the database with new fields (prices, opening hours, availability, promotions, customer reviews, social networks, and restructuring user interfaces (ergonomics, facilitated research of counselors…);
  • redesign of the sites of tourist offices starting with those of the Tourist office INtercommunal East and the Tourist office Intercommunal North;
  • balance sheet of the event Alon Bat Kare® 2015 which welcomed nearly 7,000 visitors in total, mobilized 26 recreation providers, and received 9 groups of hotels and incoming agencies on all island territories;
  • information on the work of the AGGM hiking holiday, notably with the announcement of the renovation of the cottages at Ilet à Bourse, Roche Ecrite, and Roche Plate (Mafate).

The afternoon allowed to draw conclusions after taking stock and reviewing the sectoral performance in tourism. The new products which were entered into the common booking platform were presented, as well as those outside the booking platform like accommodation. The professionals then also got a glimpse of the work to be undertaken in 2016 through a provisional work schedule presented to them and the results of the 2014 challenge.

Results of the 2014 challenge

  • Best turnover award: Tourist office Intercommunal West
  • Best turnover increase award: Plaine des Cafres tourist office
  • Best salesman award: Anne-Gaëlle Amable - Tourist office Intercommunal North
  • Best salesman increase award: Solène Georges - Bourg-Murat, Tampon/ Plaine des Cafres tourist office