Reunion Island invites travellers to visit tomorrow 

Maïdo voie lactée - IRT/Frog974

Published on 20 April 2020

With half of humanity now on lockdown, Reunion Island Tourism Board presents a video turned to the future, encouraging travellers to stay home so they can all meet tomorrow. 

The future will be livelier, and we all turn to tomorrow with yearning. With this video, live a moment of elation and hope, and fulfil your quest for freedom and discovery because tomorrow is not that far away. 

A French department located in the Mascarenes archipelago, the vibrant and untamed nature of Reunion Island is more than ever highlighted here. With this clip, #gotoreuniontomorrow, Reunion Island joins forces with the World Health Organisation which encourages tourists to travel tomorrow. 

Let’s stay home for a better tomorrow: sustainable, vibrant, alive. Tomorrow #gotoreunion 

Click here for the video