Reunion Island is a honeymoon destination for Russian wedding planners

Julia Solovyeva and Daria Bikbaeva
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Published on 20 April 2015

Daria Bikbaeva and Julia Solovyeva have given us their opinion about Reunion Island as a honeymoon destination for their clients.

1.    What type of wedding do you organize for your clients?

Daria: Usually Russian clients prefer visiting Europe for wedding because it’s close to Russia. Russian clients choose islands especially for honeymoons for fake or blessed ceremonies. Three types of weddings: for a couple, for a group of ten and for a group of about 30.
Julia: What is less common, is that, sometimes we have groups coming from Russia or Greece that are going for a wedding destination, these groups can be up to 200  people.

2.    Where about did you already organized wedding around the world?

Both: Lots of weddings are organized, in Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Montenegro, and Cyprus, so most likely within Europe. Most of people like beautiful gardens, castles, towers and architectural tours for wedding. We also work in Thailand because of the direct flights from many Russian cities and no visa are required. 

3.    In your opinion, why Reunion Island is an ideal honeymoon destination?

Both: European people do not have access to such a mixture of it all, landscapes, ocean, mountains, valleys, and you find all of that in such a tiny and beautiful place. It is like paradise here! (laugh) Reunion Island has a unique atmosphere. It is not only about the landscapes or the beaches like in Mauritius. It is more than that. Here you can feel emotions you will not feel anywhere else!

4.    What are the top 5 romantic activities to experience in Reunion island

1.    Sunset cruise first of all!
2.    Helicopter tour
3.    Dinner on the beach at sunset
4.    Waterfalls places and natural parks
5.    First look bride and groom in the Wild South (it’s a very dramatic place)
Julia: Picnics in Reunion Island seem like an entire small village brought together. This is not a touristic activity but it is traditional.

5.    What would your ideal wedding in Reunion Island look like? 

Daria: I am travelling constantly and have visited pretty much all countries in the world, but I must say that I have never seen such a beautiful place before! All these valleys, waterfalls and mountains! A lot of people are looking for the ocean, the beaches, and it doesn’t really matter where you are, in Asia or in the Caribbean (showing a picture of a bridge on a white sand beach), they are all beautiful but it is all very common.
Reunion Island has its uniqueness, with all its lava flows, valleys, and everything surrounding us here! If it is possible to have a ceremony in Reunion Island it would make this moment unique, because no other countries would offer you such a unique surrounding and atmosphere. It would be all in the same picture. Here, the uniqueness of your place is in the inner Island.

Julia: The mixture of French culture and Creole culture allow us to have very interesting banquets maybe in some interesting places: on the beach, maybe in the mountains. This is our ideal wedding in Reunion Island! We’d like to be the first to organize wedding on lava flows!

6.    Do you have a crush on Reunion Island?

Daria: Yesterday when I saw my photos it was like a lifelong slideshow. It was like a big life and did not seem like one day. Everywhere and everything is interesting!
Julia: From the morning to the sunset we had the opportunity to have so many different experiences and feelings that excited us. And all this in only 24 hours!
Both: Before coming to Mauritius Island we have not heard yet about Reunion Island. It is an amazing surprise! See you soon on Reunion Island!