Reunion Island prepares for their 6th edition of the “Festival Liberte Metisse”

Festival Liberté Métisse

Published on 11 December 2015

Reunion Island shares cultural diversity
It was on December 20 in 1848 when slavery was abolished on Reunion Island, a date which in modern days has been celebrated on the island with a festival in recognition of how important that date in history has become.

The regional government of Reunion Island - being part of France - and Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) have come together to for the sixth time to hold this event, for which many tourists now come to the island.

Every year on this date, the population of Reunion Island swings to the rhythm of Maloya, listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage Humanity by UNESCO to celebrate the “Fêt Freedo.”

This day gives an opportunity for all Reunion Island residents to share their unique cultural and ethnic diversity and celebrate together.

December 20 is the highlight of the festival for the island's people when they are able to celebrate their common history. 

The sixth edition of the festival this year takes place over the weekend of Saturday, December 19 and Sunday, December 20, for 2 days of festivities at the waterfront of St. Mary, at the place of the street market. 

Under the sign of freedom and recognition of Métis culture, the Freedom Festival Metis aims to bring out and showcase common values and the Vanilla Islands Organization of which Reunion Island is a founder member, and equally highlights the festival in their annual calendar of events. 

Key words of the festival are respect, tolerance, cultural variety, and harmonious living.