Reunion Island’s cuisine makes it to French national television

Les P'tits Plats de Babette
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Published on 22 June 2015

There is a saying that love goes through the stomach and that is particularly true for lovers of Reunion Island as a destination, who were able to sample the fine Creole cuisine of the island. Babette de Rozieres, a renowned television celebrity chef, recently came to the island to produce four cooking programs which will be screened over four Sundays across France on Channel O. 

Named “Les P'tits Plats de Babette”, viewers will be able to discover the rich Creole cuisine, using locally-grown organic ingredients and the spices commonly used in such dishes. Her co-chef Emmanuel Maubert equally contributed to make the program worth watching by preparing dishes like the famous “Sausage Rougail” and also making pineapple chutney, spicy samosas, pickled vegetables, and crab curry among other dishes. In between scenes in the kitchen, Reunion Island always features in the background, the markets and the sights of authentic Creole villages, looking today as they looked ages ago. This is the place described by Emmanuel Maubert where “living together really makes sense”

Such culinary delights are, of course, best discovered through a visit to the island but for now viewers in France can enjoy the series of cooking shows on TV. Bon Appetite!