Reunion Island’s Gastronomy Festival – a celebration of good taste

Cari bœuf chouchou - © IRT/ Studio Lumière

Published on 28 September 2015

Reunion Island is presently staging the Festival of Gastronomy until September 28 to celebrate the unique cuisine of this French region, found deep in the Indian Ocean. 

Gout et Terroirs association has partnered with a number of private sector participants to highlight the different styles of cooking, local recipes, and the unique blend of the Creole cuisine found across the island which makes visits to Reunion so different from other French regions. 

This year, the IRT brought three German journalists to the island to sample not just the island’s natural attractions and tourism offerings, but to also indulge in good food, aplenty of course, and then report their findings in the German travel and mainstream media.

The three are:
  • Ms. Sylvia Jost, who writes for the daily BZ (270,000 copies a day) and whose articles are also posted on the website and via her own foodblog 
  • Mr. Robert Kieffer writes for the hugely-respected daily, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, (340,000 copies a day) and, of course, via the company’s website 
  • Ms. Katja Nicole Gartz, who freelances for the Hamburger Abendblatt (, the FAZ (, and Weltreisejournal (

All three are acknowledged experts in their field and will no doubt seek to set their palates alight with the Creole creations, spiced to perfection and made using organic homegrown ingredients from the farms of the island.