Reunion Island’s National Park Authority partners with local produce firms

The Essence of the National Parks
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Published on 27 November 2015

In a ground-breaking development, worth looking at by African mainland national park bodies, Reunion Island's national park authority has now joined hands with local producers to launch a new product line “Esprit Parc National,” or in English, “The Essence of the National Parks.”

Launched yesterday, the initiative was part of a closer cooperation with private sector partners to make use of harvested substances from within the parks which spread across the center of the island. 

The National Park “Essence” brand is awarded to products or services and not to companies per se. To qualify, candidates must meet a number of criteria. On the consumer side, the “Essence of National Parks” will allow them to differentiate organic local products from imported products. With the obligation to cultivate or offer ecofriendly production and harvesting methods, customers can be sure to get truly organic products made in a sustainable manner by being respectful of natural environments. 
Six beekeepers are producing forest honey, and also royal jelly, propolis, wax, and swarms. The Pro-Vanilla cooperative and three of its members, the Sliti farm, produce Laurina coffee Bourbon pointu. They are Reunion Island's first ten producers who have now been handed the new label under the brand “Esprit de Parcs National.”

Through this brand, Reunion National Park intends to place particular emphasis on the sectors of medicinal and aromatic plants including vanilla. In time, “Esprit Parc National” concerns five product categories
  • Handicraft products or from local expertise
  • Accommodations
  • Outputs discovery of cultural and natural heritage
  • Products from tropical agroforestry crops
  • Honey and other bee products