Reunion Island’s top paraglider aims high as he qualified for world championship

© Steph Juncker
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Published on 23 July 2015

In total, no fewer than 55 pilots from across the globe made the trip to Greece, including 4 from France. Of the 5 races scheduled, 2 were suspended for safety reasons, firstly because of the rain and partly because of much too strong gusty winds. The other 3 stages were tabulated at respective distances of 62 km, and 37 km, and finally a race of 100 km. 

Third in the standings before the final round, the Honorary Ambassador of Reunion Island finished well and was confident that he could keep a respectable lead over other competitors alongside an Italian - winner of the competition - and an Israeli. But the top got caught in the end, thanks to a shorter transition mid-course spotted by one of the Greek pilots. In the end, only the Italian retained first place overall, while Sebastien Coupy meanwhile ended with a respectable well-deserved sixth place. A second competitor from Reunion Island, Michel Rullier, also finished in the top 10. 
With sixth place in the pocket, the balance sheet remains very positive for Sebastien Coupy after he accumulated enough points that allows him to access the final round of the World Cup circuit in October 2016. Until then, the other Reunion Island pilots can still win qualifications during the pre-World Cup to be held at the end of September in Saint-Leu.