Reunion Island tourism ambassador Sebastien Folin takes to the air on France's Channel O

Folin Hebdo
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Published on 01 December 2015

Since November, Reunion Island's tourism ambassador Sebastien Folin has been on the air every Tuesday on French mainland television as the head of a brand-new talk show. 

Titled “Folin Hebdo,” the show features discussions that do not take themselves seriously on the news, society, or culture. Be prepared to learn while having fun! Folin Hebdo is the new talk show now screened by the public channel, France Ô, since November.

Every Tuesday evening in the second part of the evening, Sebastien Folin gives viewers an appointment to the small screen for an hour of debate and different topics. The Reunion Island tourism ambassador plays conductor with a team of columnists and editors with very lively exchanges guaranteed! 

Folin Hebdo: A megalomaniac program?

Sebastien Folin started his media career at the age of 15 years on local radio, followed five years later as a presenter on Antenne Reunion. Thirty years on, the name Folin Hebdo comes ringing in its heyday.

Master of ceremonies for the new program that bears his name with his portrayal as a logo, Sébastien Folin admits: Folin Hebdo is a bit of a megalomaniac trip of the season! 

Folin Hebdo, the program, is an opportunity to learn with ease. The presenter makes it a point in each program to debate a subject based on false news leaving one to wonder, will viewers be able to sort out fact from fiction?

Find Folin Hebdo every Tuesday night at 10:50 p.m. on France Ô and replay on