Reunion Island Tourism helping to discover France's next star


Published on 19 February 2016

Trace Music Star edition Wati B is one of the scouts seeking to discover who will be France’s urban star of tomorrow.
In the road to the final of the Indian Ocean TRACE Music Star comes the question of who will win Wati B on Reunion Island? The competition will take place on the island on February 20, 2016 at the Museum Stella Matutina at Piton Saint-Leu.

TRACE Music Star is the first event which is 100% digital casting in search of the next rookie Label WATI B alongside Master Gims, Black M, and Shin Sekaï. Nearly 6,000 candidates were registered of which more than 5 percent were based in the Indian Ocean area. The competition began November 25, 2015, and the participants had to register, or to film, then upload their video from their mobile phone, tablet, or from a computer.

Launched by TRACE * TV, this event is held on Reunion Island in partnership with Canalsat, the Reunion Regional Museum, the Reunion Island Tourism Board (IRT), and various local partners.
Music Star Trace team is staying on Reunion Island and will follow this first urban competition ever launched in France.

Nine candidates from the Indian Ocean area including 7 from Reunion Island and two others from Mayotte were screened (single or duo) for the big competition.
Who of them - Aline, Alice'One, Julie, Nesta, Flo Discrete, Flow Lirikal, Nyx Lion, Enel, or Annice - will make it to the national final in Paris in April?
Whoever will go, they will first have to convince a jury of:
• Luciano (Komzot)
• Missty
• Shin Sekai
• Dawala (founder of Wati B)
The jury’s vote counts for 50 percent with the public making up for the balance.
Applications on the Music Star Trace site were numerous, and over 300,000 votes have already been registered on Reunion Island and Mayotte. To learn more about the candidates, check out:
The winner will receive a ticket to the grand final, a coaching week, meetings with the teams of the music label, and equipment from WATI B. She/he will face the winner of the Antilles-Guyana and a further 5 candidates from France’s main metropolitan areas in order to become the winner and take the title of TRACE Music Star.

This will be a unique opportunity to join the team WATI B with an artist contract with WATI B for the production and promotion of 3 titles and one promotional video clip. There is hope that Creole sounds, a blend if not hybrid music of Reunion Island, will travel the world once more.
Saturday, before going on stage, finalists will be prepared and coached by Producer Luciano Mabrouck to the City of Arts of St. Denis

The event will be presented by Yoanna Atchama and will be broadcast on:

• myCANAL, Wednesday, March 2, 2016
• TRACE Urban Friday, March 4 at 7 pm
• TRACE Tropical Saturday, March 5 at 4 pm

A replay will be scheduled on:

• TRACE Urban Sunday, March 6 at 11 am
• TRACE Tropical, Sunday, March 6 at 8 pm
* TRACE is a trademark and entertainment group in 160 countries that specializes in urban entertainment.

*TRACE publishes thematic TV channels, FM radio, mobile services, and digital VOD and develops events and content for New Generations urban, multicultural, and multiethnic.