Reunion Island Tourism presents “NOT EVEN FEAR” festival

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Published on 17 February 2016

Again this year, Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) is a partner of the "NOT EVEN FEAR" festival, supporting the development of culture in the south of the island.
Anguish, poetry, the unusual, laughter, emotion, sensuality, and full of surprises, are on the agenda of the sixth edition of the Festival "NOT EVEN FEAR" which will take place in Saint-Philippe, on the volcanic part of the wild south of Reunion Island, from February 17-20, 2016.

Aurelia Mengin, Director of "NOT EVEN FEAR," organizes Reunion Island for the public, an exclusive international programming in a surreal setting. Film viewing will be for four days, while immersed in a fantasy world in St. Philip. Between culture and thrills, discovery and escape, the public will be welcomed at the Henri Madoré cinema. The event kicks off Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 19:00 hours.

Sixty best international fantastic films were selected including 53 short films, from twenty-one different countries: England, Australia, Spain, USA, Switzerland, India, Belgium, France, Canada, China, Norway, New Zealand, Germany, Greece, Hungary, South Korea, Japan, Romania, the Netherlands, Estonia, and Tanzania. 16 French films will also be shown.

It will be a program rich in emotions:

• a selection of five feature films will air a preview for the first time on Reunion Island before their theatrical release in France
the presence of guests of exception (producer, director, actor, film magazine...) the producer, Jerome Vidal, who will present two feature films in preview: Evolution and Only; MAD MOVIES, the essential magazine specialized in fantastic European cinema; TECHNIKART, the magazine that deciphers the cultural currents and talents today and especially tomorrow
every evening at 19:00, a meeting with a short half-hour
a school selection
a college selection
animation selection
1st contest of short films fantastic fans in the Meeting (the winner will go in)
November 2016 at the Paris International Fantastic Film Festival!)
With bonus goosebumps!
This festival is free.